Ordered ActivityBot Kit

I finally ordered a Parallax ActivityBot Robot Kit and it should arrive sometime next week.  Here is a brief rundown of some features of the ActivityBot kit.

Parallax Propeller Chip

  • Propeller microcontroller
  • Supports C Programming Language
  • PING Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
  • Propeller Activity Board
  • Small Aluminum Robot Frame
  • High Speed continuous rotation servos
  • Activities and guides online at: http://learn.parallax.com/activitybot/

I was originally looking into the BOEbot robot kit which is based on the BASIC Stamp microcontroller which runs on the BASIC programming language. The BOEbot robot kit is pretty similar to the ActivityBot kit with a major difference being the microcontroller. The propeller chip is programmed in Propeller C or a language named Spin. From what I read you have more options available with the multi core propeller microcontroller over the basic stamp microcontroller. That is all I have to say about ActivityBot for now, really excited and will post more once the package arrives.

Written on February 26, 2015